How I build my first custom rom and how I became maintainer.

Hello guys ,

I am back since I was lazy to type and my field of interest of mine got divertedI was thinking that my life is not planned and going in a different way, for a few months I started thinking what should I really do, at first I thought building custom room will be very hard and I cannot do mine myself. So I started and now I am a Custom Rom Maintainer and starting to be developedThis post is in DRAFT for nearly 2 months.

So friends I will say how I started and ended being a guy who goes to college after that fresh up, then sit in front of Laptop for more than 5hours then takes a break after that again sit for an hour or 2. which eventually returns me less than 6 hours of sleep.

So last 5 months there was so much changesI brought a new laptop MacBook pro 2015started going to college met new friendsdestroyed many routines and made new. You can check my GitHub profile for my progress: Github.

Today is the first day of Semester break (S2 is Finished) which is only for a MONTH thanks to Amrita, and now I am no longer a  junior , but don’t know about the second semester result hope I may pass all the subjects.

First, I started To do with Lineage ROM [Formally known as CyanagenMod],then to the most painful AOSP [Android Open Source Project],I owned OnePlus 2 most of the codes of the device specific things are open sourced but its really old,still for a starter like me it’s nearly perfect thing to go ahead and with source being open source we could really spend time on it so that we will know how its done and where are the places which could be made better like that.For building roms we need to download the source of the Rom which will be really huge and time consuming so for that we could use Google Cloud Platform for faster and easier building.The speed of the internet is really mind blowing minimum you will get 35MB/s and maximum I got is 76MB/s which makes me to download the source within Half and hour i.e. the source is around 40GB to 60GB.After that taking device specific things i.e.

1. Kernelwhich is heart of the OS, which controls how whole things should  work.

2 Vendor the device specific files which is required for the hardware to work properly.

3 Device tree is the place where the device specific codes which links all the required files properly.

4 Common files from the hardware manufacturer for OP2 its appeal so oppo/commonand many other MiscFiles which depends from ROM to ROM. After doing all this we will start building which will take hours and hours of patience on solving bug by googling or asking friends.After building we will upload to AFH [Android File Host]

Currently I am maintaining VERTEX OS for Oneplus 2, Its having very good response now  many are liking the build, at starting and all only 20-30 downloads of the build was happening now there are 800+ daily users.There will be three types of build one is official which will be fully stable,second is test builds,in test builds things will be not fully stabling in here we will be testing features which is implemented.last type is Experimental builds which are those builds which may even not boot since all new features will be there in experimented there first will be not at all stable for public release.
There is an XDA thread: Click here

My XDA profile: Profile. just check if you want.

I would like to give my sincere thanks to people from telegram and  slack  who helped me build the ROM and taught me.

There are many things to say I will say in next post peeps,
Thanks for reading,


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