Rhinoshield Crash Guard For Oneplus Two Review


Hello Everybody today lets take a look at Evolutive Lab’s Rhinoshield Crash Guard bumper for Oneplus Two .The Design is neat and clean with little bit tough at moving alert slider rather than that its cool addition to your lovely device. Although the bumper adds a few mm to your phone yet its all the worth to your money

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GadgetShieldz Skins for the OnePlus Two Full Review 



Many people buy a new phone, slap a case on the phone and call it a day. However, those of us that don’t really like cases – mainly due to the added bulk – have other options now. Instead of just keeping our phone naked. Which looks good, but not after you’ve dropped it. The other option that I’m talking about here are the skins


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Audio Technica Sonic Fuel ATH-AX1iS Over the Ear HEADPHONE REVIEW

Hello Guys Last week i brought my first Audio Technica first headpone belive me it was worth spending it .IMG_1139

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Notable trends in smartphone technology of 2015

  1. 64-bit computing going mainstream Notable trends in smartphone technology of 2015
    This year, 64-bit computing became a standard affair, even in mid-tier and budget segments. Right from first-time brands to the Sonys and Apples of the industry, every smartphone maker went for powering devices with 64-bit chipsets. Take for instance the Yu Yunique, which is powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor, for a price of Rs. 5,999. Budget segments are no longer pushovers, and 64-bit processors made a crucial case for these devices
  2. 4GB and LPDDR4 RAM in phones.


Notable trends in smartphone technology of 2015
The megapixel count has never been a yardstick by which the camera quality of any imaging device can be judged. The same applies for smartphone cameras, but it never hurts to have more pixels packed into an image frame. This year, Sony came out with a new Exmor RS Mobile image sensor, which had a maximum capability to render 25-megapixel images. While processing it for the Sony Xperia Z5 meant that it could go up to a highest possible resolution of 23.7 megapixels (4:3) by letterboxing, and 20 megapixels (16:9) by pillarboxing, the new mobile sensor is one of the very first semi-professional image sensors – a mobile version of the same one used in the Sony RX100 Mark IV.

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After about a few hours with the latest operating system, here’s what I noticed first about Windows 10

We have known almost everything about what’s going to be new with Windows 10 for some time now, and here it is for us to experience. We’ve spent a couple of hours fidgeting around with it, and here’s our thought after some time of usage: