FAQs and Common Error while building Custom ROMs.

Disclaimer: All these FAQs and Solutions are taken from my knowledge and experience if anything wrong please point out so I can correct it.And feel free to add more FAQs and Errors from your side




FAQ #1  : Easiest way to setup build environment ?
Answer: Their is a script will will make all the work easy by Akhil Narang XDA senior Member and great dev
Steps to be followed:

git clone https://github.com/akhilnarang/scripts

cd scripts

bash setup/<name of script>

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How I build my first custom rom and how I became maintainer.

Hello guys ,

I am back since I was lazy to type and my field of interest of mine got divertedI was thinking that my life is not planned and going in a different way, for a few months I started thinking what should I really do, at first I thought to build custom ROM will be very hard and I cannot do that by myself. So I am a Custom Rom Maintainer and starting to be a developerThis post was in DRAFT for nearly 2 months.


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