GSoC 2018 Final Evaluation – VLC macOS interface redesign

Hi all,

This blog post contains all relevant work I did in summer with VideoLAN on “macOS interface redesign” project.largevlc

Title of the project 

VLC macOS Interface redesign 


The project aims to revamp VLC’s user interface for macOS and improve the user experience. It introduces the media center (aka. the libraryView), which provides users with a whole new way to browse and play video files on their computers. A new control system for video playback was also developed.

My task as a GSoC Student was to implement a libraryView or mediaCenter view inside VLC with Service Discovery (loading videos into the mediaCenter) with help of CollectionView.

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How I build my first custom rom and how I became maintainer.

Hello guys ,

I am back since I was lazy to type and my field of interest of mine got divertedI was thinking that my life is not planned and going in a different way, for a few months I started thinking what should I really do, at first I thought to build custom ROM will be very hard and I cannot do that by myself. So I am a Custom Rom Maintainer and starting to be a developerThis post was in DRAFT for nearly 2 months.

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