Why you should care about AOM-Analyzer Tool ​!

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It’s been a while I have written a blog, this is the right time I guess. So lately I am trying to do a kind of research with video encoding in power constrained devices as part of my undergrad thesis project. So I was going into more details about encoders in general. After that, I have also gone through the details about HEVC, AV1 and all.
We all know about very positive development advances in AV1 when we see with HEVC. So if you are not following anything in this digital video field, AV1 is next generation and new standard after HEVC.It could have like 40% better picture quality than HEVCcross-platform but as_of_now the main issue or the main disadvantage of av1 is the fact that it is very compute intensive, for solving this issue the much required thing would be having a nice software which does a full analysis of the video including the metadata.

Now there is a tool called AOM-Analyser which is there for a while

AOM Analyzer Tool
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GSoC 2018 Final Evaluation – VLC macOS interface redesign

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This blog post contains all relevant work I did in summer with VideoLAN on “macOS interface redesign” project.largevlc

Title of the project 

VLC macOS Interface redesign 


The project aims to revamp VLC’s user interface for macOS and improve the user experience. It introduces the media center (aka. the libraryView), which provides users with a whole new way to browse and play video files on their computers. A new control system for video playback was also developed.

My task as a GSoC Student was to implement a libraryView or mediaCenter view inside VLC with Service Discovery (loading videos into the mediaCenter) with help of CollectionView.

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FAQs and Common Error while building Custom ROMs.

Disclaimer: All these FAQs and Solutions are taken from my knowledge and experience if anything wrong please point out so I can correct it.And feel free to add more FAQs and Errors from your side




FAQ #1  : Easiest way to setup build environment ?
Answer: Their is a script will will make all the work easy by Akhil Narang XDA senior Member and great dev
Steps to be followed:

git clone https://github.com/akhilnarang/scripts

cd scripts

bash setup/<name of script>

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How I build my first custom rom and how I became maintainer.

Hello guys ,

I am back since I was lazy to type and my field of interest of mine got divertedI was thinking that my life is not planned and going in a different way, for a few months I started thinking what should I really do, at first I thought to build custom ROM will be very hard and I cannot do that by myself. So I am a Custom Rom Maintainer and starting to be a developerThis post was in DRAFT for nearly 2 months.


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How to Easily UNBRICK YOUR ONEPLUS TWO Caused by H2os Thingy! 

Hello everybody today i will show you how to UNBRICK YOUR ONEPLUS TWO id you got stuck in boot image/splash screen after flashng ot using or anything related to after effects of flashing H2os.
So this is my story

“First I flashed volte modem from h2Os  on my device running xos7 the sim  broken then I flashed old modem from bens the phone stuck on boot image can’t go to recovery nothing only fastboot then I flashed stock recovery after that tried to side load OOS got stuck in boot image after that flashed a zip oostoh2 one is there with that I successfully boootef  then I realised that imei gone BT gone WiFi gone sim gone everything including baseband then I flashed h2os.”

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Easiest way to fix JIO’s call drop and throttling issue 100% working

Hey Guys, Today I will show you guys how to fix Jio’s ISSUES like low speed internet , call drops, low coverage,All routes in this line  are busy and many other  issues in one simple solution .
Watch this video make, it will make the work very easy

Amazon Great Indian Sale Offers: Mobiles ,Tablets and Many More…

Amazon Great Indian Sale Offers: Moto G4 Plus, LeEco Le Max 2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, and More

We know that Diwali is coming near so that every e-commerce website give huge discount and out of stock products.This year as usual Amazon India is Onestep Ahead of others by starting it a day before all others start(others here are FLIPKART,Snapdeal).This will start tommorw (1-10-16)will goon till 5th of October and Amazon is also expected to offer heavy discounts on smartphones, wearables, tablets, and other electronics.


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Rhinoshield Crash Guard For Oneplus Two Review


Hello Everybody today lets take a look at Evolutive Lab’s Rhinoshield Crash Guard bumper for Oneplus Two .The Design is neat and clean with little bit tough at moving alert slider rather than that its cool addition to your lovely device. Although the bumper adds a few mm to your phone yet its all the worth to your money

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Every social media platform was filled with photos edited in the newly released photo editing app called Prisma. The app were so good at editing, so that everybody started searching for the android APK of Prisma. The problem was that they only released this app for iPhones. So people who searched on google for “Prisma android apk download” didn’t get any reliable results, except some spammed sites and face APKs.