Why you should care about AOM-Analyzer Tool ​!

Hi Folks,
It’s been a while I have written a blog, this is the right time I guess. So lately I am trying to do a kind of research with video encoding in power constrained devices as part of my undergrad thesis project. So I was going into more details about encoders in general. After that, I have also gone through the details about HEVC, AV1 and all.
We all know about very positive development advances in AV1 when we see with HEVC. So if you are not following anything in this digital video field, AV1 is next generation and new standard after HEVC.It could have like 40% better picture quality than HEVCcross-platform but as_of_now the main issue or the main disadvantage of av1 is the fact that it is very compute intensive, for solving this issue the much required thing would be having a nice software which does a full analysis of the video including the metadata.

Now there is a tool called AOM-Analyser which is there for a while

AOM Analyzer Tool
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