How to Easily UNBRICK YOUR ONEPLUS TWO Caused by H2os Thingy! 

Hello everybody today i will show you how to UNBRICK YOUR ONEPLUS TWO id you got stuck in boot image/splash screen after flashng ot using or anything related to after effects of flashing H2os.
So this is my story

“First I flashed volte modem from h2Os  on my device running xos7 the sim  broken then I flashed old modem from bens the phone stuck on boot image can’t go to recovery nothing only fastboot then I flashed stock recovery after that tried to side load OOS got stuck in boot image after that flashed a zip oostoh2 one is there with that I successfully boootef  then I realised that imei gone BT gone WiFi gone sim gone everything including baseband then I flashed h2os.”

So step by step procedure to do this is :
1 Download twrp old one 3.0 version :


2 Go to fastboot mode and type fastboot devices

to check connection

3 Rename downloaded one to recovery

4 Execute the command

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

5 Now you will have TWRP from  TWRP flash this zip :

6 Now you will be in HYBRID RECOVERY .

7 Flash latest twrp from HYBRID RECOVERY by changing to image


8 Now if all done correctly you be in lastest TWRP and now flash  OOS  via twrp

Download link for OOS3.1

9 Wait till it boots and complete the initial setup and  if your stuck in typing name screen in setup repeat step 5 to 7 else go forward and complete the setup

10 now mostly baseband will be list , imei ,sim ,wifi Bluetooth and my other things   will be lost don’t worry .

11 Now download h2os from below
Google Drive: #1 H2Os_Gdrive#MIRROR1
BasketBuild: #3H2os_Basketbuild#mirror3
Official Link: #4 H2os_OFFICIAL#MIRROR4
12 Now try to boot your device IF you successfully boot your device complete setup there will be Chinese bloat and no super su .

13 Now flash this zip via twrp this zip will debloat the ROM as well as give you root

Debloater + SU: Debloat+su_AFH
14 Download this APK  for installing Google play services and playstore  NEVEREVER FLASH GAPPS it will break your device  GOOGLE_PLAY_INSTALLER

15 Now do a full twrp backup including efs




16 This is a important step to  save modem of your device

      1. Download material terminal from play store,    open and give it root rights by executing

$ su
2. Give these two commands, one after the other:
$ dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/sdcard/.  modemst1.bin bs=512

$ dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 of=/sdcard/modemst2.bin bs=512
This will backup modemst1 and modemst2 to your internal storage. Keep them safe and if you need to restore them, fastboot flash both the files.

$ fastboot flash modemst1 modemst1.bin

$ fastboot flash modemst2 modemst2.bin

PS:$ Rep command

17 now flash any custom rom[ Android N ]  you want but dont revert to oos till volte enabled rom  releases coz it breaks your Device .
18 If you want really want to go to OOS AND YOU DONT HAVE EFS BACKUP OR MODEM BACKUPs there is a good way to revert back to old modem and firmware in Chinese Oneplus website, check this link for more info

( NOTE : I have not tested it personally and I am not responsible for any shit if happens , this doesn’t mean it will shit )  n


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