How to type emojis in FACEBOOK CHAT from PC .

Hello World,

Ever Wondered how can I type those emoji’s ,
Today I am going to show you how to directly type emoji’s from your pc Directly without any software or copying from online sites .Simple but powerful way  😁.



Basic things you need to do this is only a windows 10 PC.Let’s get started

  1. First step is to open touch keyboard on taskbar


2.Click it and check whether there is a smiley ☺ icon on it or not .


3.Now click it to unlock all the smileys


4. Now u open Facebook and click on chat box and test it.

first lets check whether ” TEARS OF JOY ” is working or not .




its working hurray now lets try the rest of smiles



This is the result see yourself 7This can be used in other social media websites too test yourself

A video tutorial will be made soon Check back within a week







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