Chromer Opens All Of Your Links In A Chrome Custom Tab

Introduced at Google I/O this year and implemented in the stable version 45 of Chrome, Chrome Custom Tabs aim to make browsing from third-party apps as fast, unintrusive, and seamless as possible. Instead of developers relying on System WebView to load links from their applications, they could implement Custom Tabs to open these links in a faster page that sits on top of the app and uses Chrome’s rendering and data saving capabilities, has access to its saved passwords and autofill information, and benefits from its security updates.

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Cyanogen planning to expand its base in India

The company is planning to increase its team in the country and is working with domestic as well as international vendors for launching devices with Cyanogen OS.

Cyanogen planning to expand its base in India

Cyanogen is planning to “aggressively” expand its presence in India. The Co-founder and Chief Executive or Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster, told the Economic Times, “We are going to expand in India aggressively, and you can expect to see a lot more of us next year. Our Bengaluru team has 11 people, which will grow up to 60 people by the end of 2016.” The company may also be planning to fund or acquire startups in the country.


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The Gold Nexus 6P, Exclusive To Japan At Launch, Is Coming To Flipkart Today

When the details of the Nexus 6P started to leak, several colors were spotted: aluminum, white, black, and gold. As it turns out, the gold-colored version was exclusive to the Japanese market. We never found out why the gold phone isn’t available elsewhere – a gold option has been popular for flagship phones across most major manufacturers for several years now. Whatever the reason, customers in India will soon have a crack at the gold Nexus 6P, courtesy of online retailer Flipkart.

Manufacturer Huawei posted a teaser for the gold-colored 6P on its Facebook page, which indicates that it will be exclusive to Flipkart in the region. The price will start at Rs 43999  for the 64GB version, 1000 rupees more expensive than the same capacity at the other colors. The phone will be available for purchase starting Today( December 21), though the listing is already up, and prospective buyers can submit their email addresses for updates.


At the moment there’s no indication that the gold 6P will be available in other markets any time soon, but who knows. There wasn’t any clue that it would leave Japan before today, and it wouldn’t be the first time Google has introduced new colors for Nexus phones out of the blue.

 Source : FLIPKART

[DEAL ALERT] OnePlus Power Bank is Back in Stock : OnePlus 10000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1399 – Amazon

OnePlus Power Bank is Back in Stock : OnePlus 10000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1399 – Amazon : Features Dual USB ports enable two electronic devices to be connected and charged simultaneously, with plenty of juice for smartphones, tablets, and more.








In Press Note One Plus Said That “Unfortunately, an increase in production and operational costs have led to an increase in product price that will come into effect starting 2016,”  adding, “We are offering the limited stock of OnePlus Power Banks on the Amazon India starting 2 PM, today, December 18, 2015 onwards” at the same price of Rs 1,399.

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